Making a Happy Client Video Testimonial: What Should Be In It

This post is created as a continuation of the Video Testimonial Service that Bizpages inroduced for its client members:

When a business owner wants to make a video testimonial for his/her business products, or services, we recommend to use easy steps to ensure that the video communicates the right message and it is credible and authentic.


Recommendation 1: Video to Display the Client's Location

When the process of making a video is initiated, ask the client to include in the video his location and the background: this will tell the viewers that they can trust it. Here is an example of this approach: an Italian family bought a travel package in an Asian country, and then upon return they made a video like this to thank the travel agent. The video shows the man thanking the travel company that organized the travel. The beautiful Mediterranian background of the video proves it to the audience that the review can be trusted.

Recommendation 2: Language
If your client is from abroad, ask for a favor of saying several sentences about your business product in his/her mother language. Just a few words will make it: the rest of the narrative can be in whatever language you want.

Recommendation 3: Dates and Product/Service Featured
Tell the customer to mention dates when the business transaction took place and features of the service or product that was delivered. With this method every time a new video testimonial is created, it is added to a long row of past videos so that your future clients can see that it is a long-term business existing for years.

Recommendation 4: More Visual Media About Your Products/Services
When you create the video, use a video designer to include photos or videos describing the product, service, or activity that you are selling. This may be a good idea as an authentic and active business always has lots of such media materials at hand while for a scam business it can be difficult to achieve.