Product Video Service on Bizpages

Bizpages has introduced a new service which is called Product Video for its members and just anyone who would request this service from our website.



Product Video from Bizpages

The primary idea behind this feature is that business owners want to advertise their products and services in all possible ways and use all available marketing techniques. These may include the following:

  1. Using their company website and specially devoted product pages
  2. Use their social media profiles and accounts to feature products to their audience, friends and followers
  3. Use externally published content, for example, press release websites, articles, guest posts, blog entries, etc.
  4. Use business directories and startup promoters to publisize the new products
  5. Offline promotion such as presentations, meetings, conferences and fairs/exhibitions.

In all the above methods, a video format of presenting the product information can be more effective than just a text presentation. Videos are easier to digest, they make a better impact on a potential customer or partner, and are more visually attractive.

Making such product videos can be a challenge for a business that does not have its own video production. To cater this need, we at Bizpages have developed a Product Video service that uses visual media from the company such as photos, short video recordings featuring certain product qualities or service features. Then, we make a video that contains:

  1. Business Logo
  2. Business Title, country of origin/city or location
  3. A brief text explaining the essence of the product or service
  4. A slider of photos/videos provided by the business
  5. A summary with a Call to Action (CTA) to attract the visitor to the selling page on the corporate website or other channel.

Then our designers process the video and add visual effects to make it more taking and attractive to the viewers.

The following step is to publish it on the Youtube or other video hostings as may be wished by the client. We can also publish it on the Bizpages Youtube Channel. Another great feature is to convert this video into a Product Page on Bizpages with accompanying text, photos, and links.

If needed, our website management specialists are there to help integrate this new product video into the company website to achieve maximum benefits.

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